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12.19.11: A contributor to issue 2.3, Matthew Smith's book manuscript, Dirge for an Imaginary World, was selected for the Able Muse prize by Andrew Hudgins. Aaron Poochigian (1.3), Maryann Corbett (2.1), and Austin MacRae (2.2) also were honored by that press. Congratulations to them all!

01.20.11: Steven Brown's poem "Real Estate" was selected for Verse Daily's Web Weekly Feature. Steven was also joined three of our contributors—Joanna Pearson (3.1), Hailey Leithauser (1.2), and Luke Johnson (forthcoming 3.2)—in having a poem selected for Best New Poets 2010. Congratulations to all of them!

11.24.10: Stephen Kampa, a contributor to issues 2.1 and the forthcoming 3.2, has won the Hollis Summers Poetry Prize for his manuscript Cracks in the Invisible. The poems "Twenty-First Century Prothalamion" and "Not at the Grave of Dylan Thomas" will appear in the book, to be published by Ohio University Press. Congratulations, Stephen!

01.25.10: We are announcing a call for translations for issue 3.2: send us your Italian translations by March 31, 2010! Full CFP here.

01.21.10: Ashley McHugh, a contributor to issues 2.3 and the forthcoming 3.1, has won the New Criterion Prize for her manuscript Into These Knots. Congratulations, Ashley!

08.15.09 (updated 09.02.09): Caitlin Doyle, Patrick Whitfill, and Johnathon Williams, contributors to issue 2.3, have had poems selected by Kim Addonizio for the 2009 Best New Poets anthology. Caitlin's poem, "Thirteen," appears in issue 2.3 and will appear again in the anthology. Congratulations to all three!

03.08.09: Susan McLean, a contributor to issue 2.1, has won the Richard Wilbur Award from the University at Evansville. $1000 and a book to be published in short order. Congratulations!

11.12.08: Erica Dawson and Mark Jarman, contributors to previous issues, have had a poem each selected for 2008 Best American Poetry, edited by David Lehman. Congratulations!

09.10.08: Caki Wilkinson, a contributor to issue 1.3, has been awarded a $15,000 Ruth Lilly Fellowship by Poetry magazine and the Poetry Foundation. Congratulations!

08.13.08: Jennifer Reeser's "Formula" from unsplendid 1.3 has been set to music in a video by the recording artist Briareus. Check out "Formula"!

05.12.08: Caki Wilkinson's "Lady on a Unicycle" from unsplendid 1.3 was selected for Verse Daily's Web Monthly Feature, May 2008.

02.11.08: Unsplendid contributor A.E. Stallings has won the Poet's Prize for her second collection Hapax.

11.11.07: Unsplendid contributor Erica Dawson will give a reading and sign books this weekend. Winner of the 2006 Anthony Hecht Prize, for her manuscript Big-Eyed Afraid, Erica Dawson will read at 1 p.m., on Sunday, Nov. 11, at Politics and Prose, 5015 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20008. Hosted by Waywiser Press.

08.25.07: Unsplendid Launch Reading, Sept. 1, 2007 in Baltimore. Readings by Unsplendid contributors Peter Campion, Terese Coe, Elizabeth Hadaway, Alexander Long, Traci O'Dea, and Greg Williamson, hosted by editors Douglas Basford, Jason Gray, and Erin Sweeten. 4:30-6pm. Area 405 (405 E. Oliver St., four blocks from Penn Station, maps and directions at

08.13.07: J. Allyn Rosser has appeared in both Poetry Daily and Verse Daily in the past week or so.

07.10.07: A. E. Stallings's "Pluto" from unsplendid 1.1 was selected for Verse Daily's Web Monthly Feature, July 2007.

02.01.07: J. Allyn Rosser, an Advising/Contributing Editor, has been named the winner of The New Criterion Prize for her manuscript Foiled Again, which will be published this fall by Ivan R. Dee.