July 2014 - Women and Form

Ida Stewart Preface

Lisa Ampleman Prizefighter
Amy Arthur Lah
Mimosa Pudica
Coming of Age
Clara Bush Toads
Laura Bylenok Elegy with Lies
Sherry Chandler As the Crow Flies
Jen Coleman I Could Be That Guy
Juliana Gray Bounded in a Nutshell
Carrie Green Robbing the Bees
Gail Griffin Parable of the Mountain Lion
Megan Grumbling Chorales, the curators
In the Museum
Carolyn Guinzio Gull
Elizabeth Hazen The Spectroscope
Last Anniversary
Cynthia Marie Hoffman According to the Doctor in the Blue Gown, a Window
Road of Separation
Of Crazy and Crazy
Anna Maria Hong Often I'm Jelly Bin
Ever Your Mate
A Mini Proof
The Line
I, Fabric
Jen Jabaily-Blackburn Selkie
Sibling Rivalry
Allison Joseph Door-to-Door
Siham Karami Good Housekeeping
By the Dawn's Early Light
Ariana-Sophia Kartsonis The Flip Side of the Moon Where Dead Moths, Star-husks & Lunatics Gather
The Teatime Girls Serenade Vincent on a Starry Night
Jennifer Keith Fontana delle Tartughe
Eating Walnuts
Joey Kingsley Sighting
Heather Kirn Lanier Broken Tanka for Domesticity
Conception Calendar
Emily Leithauser The Drive
The Guesthouse
Dawn Manning Salt Myth
Kathleen McClung Lighter than Her Lace
Jill McDonough Devil Pod
Hot Dogs, Fresh Buns: Tetrameter for Dre
John Clare's First Trip to London
Mary Moore When you talk about your dead their radiance
The petroglyphs like rakes symbolize rain
Traci O'Dea January in the Tropics
Cushion Sea Star
In the Sun Room
Hannah Sanghee Park Dear Sir—
Qilin in August
Ammit in March
Joanna Pearson Immaculate
Prenatal Lullaby
Alison Pelegrin Zombie with a Heart of Gold
Katherine Robinson Watching the Sun Bear
Snow Plow Turn Around
Emily Roediger Cormac McCarthy Says—
Marybeth Rua-Larsen Play Me Backwards
Fall from the Sky
Jane Satterfield from Migrant Universe
Amy Schrader Sonnet for the Ten of Cups
Ekaterina Simonova
    tr. Alex Cigale and
    Dana Golin
You speak as though breaking bread
Callie Siskel In the Territory of the Sonnet
The Wandering Womb
Kirby Snell Last Portraits
A. E. Stallings Bedbugs in Marriage Bed
First Born, Last Born
Annie Stenzel Ten Lines of Ten Syllables Each
Erin Sweeten New Noah
Keeping My Mouth Shut
Chest Bone Reluctantly Connected to the Head Bone
Anne-Marie Thompson On Delays
Wendy Vardaman Dismirrored Suite
Thera Webb Codebreaker
Allyson Whipple Unstructured Sky

Lisa Ampleman A Question of Likeness
Lucy Biederman Hell is Form[less]: A Treatise on Form in Exactly 500 Words Under the Influence of Susan Howe
Sarah Giragosian Divided Creatures and the Music of Form
Gail Griffin On Form
Emily Roediger Cloud of Stars
Anne-Marie Thompson From Where to Where?: The Poem as Bridge

Tanja Softić from Migrant Universe series
Artist's Statement and C.V.

Contributors' Notes