Table of Contents

Ida Stewart Preface, Part One | Summer
Preface, Part Two | Winter: a call for poems and prose by women

Ben Berman The Slightly Off
Homeric Nods
Complete Freedom
Lucy Biederman He
The Crown of His Head
Kim Bridgford Moral Compass
Steven Brown In Response to the Fear that CERN Will Collide Protons in Its
Accelerator and Create a Black Hole
Mary Cresswell Paradelle for Census Night
Frank Gallimore A Sighting at Puget Sound
Suburban Love
Attic Song
Amy Glynn Greacen Gull, Swallow, Dove
Coast Redwood
Jeff Hardin Enthusiasm Gap
A Lost Word
Anna Maria Hong I, Donut
Hailey Leithauser We Few Born Beneath a Bitter Star
The Voluminous Diva
Lea Marshall Syncopate: Tapper Fronts Chamber Ensemble
Ashley Anna McHugh

from Descent
- Brief Introductory Note to Descent
- In Eanna, the Temple of Inanna
- Exile
- The Rite of Spring
- Jericho (7000 BC)  

Ange Mlinko from The Blue Glass
Rick Mullin Permanent Lunch
Dan Rosenberg pattern flows true heavy to me
brained with red my eyes cut to the white
the word I whisper pieces of is
in the dripping gawkers it slips past
up here we breathe air but not the sky
Diane Seuss Ring of Fire Glosa
We Gotta Get Out of This Place Glosa
I don't have to be (your beautiful)

Justine Ashbee Drawings, Electric Threads, Heavy Metal Waves, and Wall Hangings
Artist's Statement and C.V.

Contributors' Notes