Table of Contents

Jason Gray Preface

Mary Angelino

For Insomnia

Ned Balbo The White Cats
The Travelling Circus
The Fortune Teller
Black Cat
Paul Bone Nostalgia for Sacrifice
Laura Bylenok Abstract Expressionist New York
Aubade with Peacocks
Jeff Fallis "Got to Give It Up"
Last Thoughts on Marvin Gaye
Sarah Giragosian Obstare
Robert Griffith Heisenberg to His Wife
Nick McRae Of Solomon
Orpheus in Huntsville, Alabama  
Kyle Minor My Mother, in Her Savage Stillness
Jennifer Reeser Battered House
Emily Roediger Clean Voice
Tomasz Różycki
    (tr. Mira Rosenthal)  
The Fifth Empire
Jane Satterfield from Collapse: A Fugue
from Collapse: A Fugue
from Collapse: A Fugue  
from Collapse: A Fugue  
Matthew Buckley Smith The Homemaker's Song
Peter Swanson The Skin Game
Audrey Walls Song
James Woglom Four Limericks
J. Everett Wright Tour of the State Pen

Robert Sparrow Jones Selected Paintings and Drawings
Artist's Statement and C.V.

Contributors' Notes