Table of Contents

Erin Sweeten Preface

Sherman Alexie

One Marriage, Three Airports or One Airport, Three Marriages

Ben Berman

Good Grief

Patricia Clark

Helleborus Orientalis
Occurrence with an Elephant Head

James Gurley

Free Until They Cut Me Down

Robin Helweg-Larsen Roughing It in Europe
Michel Houellebecq "Dawn rises, grows, settles on the city"
End of an Evening
"When she saw me she'd sway her hips"
A Long Farewell to the Sound of Poets
                                (tr. Delphine Grass & Timothy Mathews)
Jen Jabaily-Blackburn Love and the Lover's Heart
Ars Poetica: Oxford
Luke Johnson Flood
Stephen Kampa Hand Signals
Perforated for Ease of Separation
Rhapsody on Forbidden Fruit
Steve Kronen Ghazal for 1975
Robert Hill Long Simplify Happy
Mark Mansfield Perch
Peter Louis Monacell Great Piece of Turf
Rick Mullin Ungemalte Bilder
Matthew Olzmann Devil's Night
Jennifer Reeser Disrespected Dolls
Sonnet 13 from Sonnets from the Dark Lady
Kevin Saving Amateur Conjuring
Ashley Strosnider Holy Grounds
Alexei Tsvetkov "Enough for four, a bar of soap, unheeded"
"The ore of passing time's become depleted"

                                                                (tr. Alex Cigale)
Adam Vines The Cleaving
To the Scholar Who Explains His Poem to Me before He Writes It

Douglas Basford The aura! The aura!: Reviews of The Lost Boys by Daniel Groves
and The Casanova Chronicles by Myrna Stone

Jennifer Angus Selected Installations
Artist's Statement and C.V.

Contributors' Notes